Woman Abuse Awareness Month Launch 2017

Join Halton Violence Prevention Council on November 2 2017 at 10am at the Halton Region Cafeteria (1151 Bronte Rd. Oakville) to commemmorate Woman Abuse Awareness Month.

A Survey- Halton Police response to domestic violence

WomenatthecentrE Halton Chapter is spearheading research on policing and responses to violence against women in Halton.  Women survivors of domestic violence are asked to tell us about their experiences when they interacted with the police in Halton.  The information gathered will be analysed to help find ways to enhance the quality of service provided to abused women and children.  The results will be shared with the Halton Regional Police Service to ensure that law enforcement officers are effective in their response to women in the community.

The survey is anonymous, and no identfiying informatin is being gathered.

Click here for the on-line version of the survey.

Paper copies of the survey are also available.  Please contact Dana Gillespie Tozer at 905-637-5256 or hvpc.coord@accesscounselling.ca if you have questions or concerns.


Training: Preventing Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Neighbours, Friends, and Families (NFF) @ Work campaign is a training program for Ontario employers in support of the June 2010 legislation Bill 168 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  It is a province wide campaign that teaches workplaces how to recognize the signs of woman abuse, how to respond effectively, and how to seek support from professionals.

It is the employers responsiblity to take every precaution to protect their employees from violence & harassment, this now includes domestic violence.  All employers now are mandated to develop policies on measures to take in their workplace to prevent and/or provide effective responses to workplace domestic violence.   

Research shows that 70% of domestic violence victims are abused and/or harassed at work.  It can involve actions taken before or after work causing the victim to be late or absent, or actions taken during work hours such as stalking, frequent and harassing phone calls, and/or making threats of violence.  These actions are disruptive to all employees in the workplace, impact productivity, and could lead to harm or death of an employee(s). 

Someone around the victim, usually a friend, family member, neighbour, or co-worker is aware of that something is going on, but does not understand the signficance of it, or understand what to do about it.  NFF @ Work training addresses this ambivalence and lack of knowledge by ensuring that all employers and employees are equipped to recognize the warning signs, respond effectively and refer.  In doing so, your employer demonstrates its committment to maintaining a supportive and safe workplace. 

To inquire about training options, please contact Dana Gillespie Tozer, Coordinator of the Halton Violence Prevention Council at 905-637-5256 or email at hvpc.coord@accesscounselling.com

For more information on the Provincial Campaign, visit www.neighboursfriendsandfamilies.ca.

WomenatthecentrE of Halton- Women Helping the System

Have you or someone you know experienced abuse & want to make changes?

You are not alone

Your experience can help others

Network with other amazing women

Help improve policy & services 

We are looking for women who want to play an important role in improving services provided to women and children fleeing abuse and violence. Your experiences can help agencies, the government & your community support women and end abuse.


For more information, contact Access Counselling & Family Services at 905-637-5256 or email hvpc.coord@accesscounselling.com

For more information about Womenatthecentre visit http://www.womenatthecentre.com